Barbara LeMiere

I moved to Aptos 5 years ago, after 25 years in high tech sales and marketing in both San Francisco and LA. During those years there was never enough time to paint, but did manage to take classes once or twice a year from wonderful artists like Elizabeth Tolley, Calvin Laing, Michele Byrne, Karen Blackwood and others. Living here on the coast is heaven for someone who loves to paint landscapes and seascapes! And our sunsets are pure magic. I work in Oils, trying to softly create layers of colors. My work, so far, has emphasized the sky, but now, have been doing more and more ocean and sloughs. I love to paint with other artists, and learn so much from them too.

Frank Sunseri

After making sculptures for thirty years (and a few trips to the Louvre in Paris and the Uffizi in Florence), I was intrigued by the challenge of making illusions of 3-dimensional forms in paint. Now, painting from life, I portray simple forms under dramatic lighting in a chiaroscuro style.

My medium is traditional slow-drying oil paint applied in an alla-prima method. Other than finding the composition, my painting is more of a craft than an art. I am simply trying to paint what my eyes see without using any photo references. Unlike stone carving, which deals with gravity and balances and other physical realities, painting is creating a ‘magical illusion’ to make the viewers believe that they see something other than just paint. …I love that! —Frank Sunseri


Jane Prescott

“I am from Bolton, England and I moved to California in 2000. I have studied, exhibited and taught art in the Bay Area. I am originally an oil painter but for the past 15 years I have worked mainly in colored pencil, graphite and mixed media (gouache and colored pencil).

Recently I have been focusing on wildlife illustration and pet portraits. I enjoy the challenge of creating the different textures of fur, skin and feathers found in nature. I particularly enjoy drawing and painting birds with their vast array of beautiful colors.

I have exhibited my work at San Francisco Zoo, Fremont Art Association and Ohlone College, Fremont. The pieces I include here are my two most recent pet portrait commissions: a long haired cat named “Kitten” and a sweet natured Staffordshire bull terrier named “Charlie.”

CCAA’s Demo Artist, August 26: Maria Boisvert

We welcome Maria Boisvert to our August 26 meeting, with the focus of her demonstration being Composition & Color Harmony.

Maria Boisvert, born and raised in New England, moved to San Jose, CA in 1979.  Her interest in art developed at an early age hand was recognized and encouraged by her instructors throughout her academic years. She completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in Art & Sociology at Plattsburg State University, New York with Dean List status for her outstanding accomplishments and artistic achievement.

Maria, shortly thereafter decided to move west and pursue a career as a full time artist.  Life interestingly enough took an unexpected turn, with a completely different mindset requiring a new way of thinking and seeing.  37 years later she continues to balance a successful career in money management as a trusted advisor, all the while continuing to hone her artistic abilities.  The art of investment management has taught her many lessons while art has provided the ability to better see and understand relationships not only in nature but in business.

As a founding member of Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association (MBPAPA), she has developed a deep connection to the Monterey/Carmel area. She also serves as a treasurer and board member of the Natividad Medical Foundation in Salinas, California. (The only trauma center in Monterey County)

Artist Statement “It is important for me to put down on canvas or paper the places, moments in time that are most inspiring. Capturing that sweet spot, finding those relationships, seeing beyond the subject becomes all encompassing.  Her key influences are John Singer Sargent, William Keith, Franz Bischoff, and Richard Schmid.

The Central Coast Art Association meets 6:30-8 pm at the El Estero Park, with a meet & greet time until 6:45 when announcements & the demonstration by the guest artist begins. Meeting/demonstration ends approximately at 8 pm.   777 Pearl St (next to Dennis the Menace Park), Monterey, the fourth Monday of each month (please check for holiday schedules). Attendance is free and open to the public.

January 2019: Scott Hamill -Intro to Plein Air Sketching with Gouache

February: Rich Brimer- Painting Using Photo Sources

March- Michael Armstrong- Trees of Monterey-Landscape painting; Oil

April- Erin Hunter- Botanical Art, Watercolor Pencils

May- Steve Maher,  “Acrylics to Oils and Back”

June- Bobby Belvel- Landscape, Pastels

July- No scheduled meeting; please check workshop available with Marie Massey July 20, 9 am- 1 pm;

August- Maria Boisvert- Composition, Color Harmony, Oil

September- Mark Monsarrat- Rural Landscape, Oil

October- Tamara Keiper, Perspective for Artists, Oil

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