CCAA’s Demo Artist, Monday, April 23: Marilyn Van den Bogaerde Watercolor

Marilyn Van den Bogaerde has been painting in watercolor for over 26 years, having had the good fortune to attend incredible watercolor workshops with Judy Wagner, Tony Couch, Tony Van Hassslet, Frank Webb, Jerry Stitt, Monterey Peninsula College, University of Santa Cruz, and University of San Francisco.  The translucence, the flow, and the magic of watercolor still enthrall her.  Marilyn’s style is interpretative and subjects include landscapes, flowers, still life, and portraits.  Each painting always presents new learning and her art continues to grow as she experiments with color, form, design, and light.  Marilyn will offer a watercolor demonstration highlighting design and color theory with an emphasis on retaining luminosity.  The demonstration will cover the importance of knowing your paints and understanding the impact of different watercolor papers.

Watercolor Workshop: Dale Laitinen, 2017; Design and Color: Simon Bull Workshop, 2016; University of Santa Cruz: Design Theory, 2004; University of San Francisco: Design/Color Theory, 2003; Workshops: Frank Webb, 2000, Jerry Stitt, 1999; Monterey Peninsula College: Drawing, Design, and Watercolor, 1998/1999; Watercolor Workshops: Judi Wagner, Zoltan Zabo, Tony Van Hasselt, 1996, 1997, 1998; Watercolor Classes: Joan Brumley, 1992-1995

The Central Coast Art Association meets 6:30-8 pm at the Monterey Youth Center, 777 Pearl St (next to Dennis the Menace Park), Monterey, the fourth Monday of each month (please check for holiday schedules). Attendance is free and open to the public.

January 2018: Mark Farina- Landscape Painting Fundamentals, Oil Painting

February 2018: Murray Wagnon- Plein Air Painting Still Life for a Rainy Day, Oil (note change)

March 2018: Maggie Renner Hellman- Color in Painting, Oil Painting

April 2018: Marilyn Van den Bogaerde- Watercolor: Design, Color & Luminosity (note change)

May 2018: To Be Announced

June 2018: Maria Poroy- Abstract Painting, Acrylic

July 2018: no demo & no meeting

August 2018: Paul Fortis- Landscape, Oil Pastels

September 2018: Romanoos Mattonen – Palette Knife Oil Painting

October 2018: Cindy Davis- Printmaking

November 2018: TBA

December 2018: no demo & no meeting

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