CCAA’s Demo Artist, Nov. 27: Rich Brimer

Rich Brimer, landscape artist and the founder of Carmel Visual Arts, will offer an oil painting demonstration of a local coastal scene.  The demonstration and talk will inspire as well as offer a sneak preview of the CCAA workshop offered in January.

Rich Brimer was born in Long Beach and has spent his entire life along the coast. The ocean is so deeply ingrained in Rich’s personal history that it is a part of his being,” he says. Inspired by early watercolors depicting water by Anders Zorn, as well as by painters Len Chmiel and William Ritchel. Rich says he is fascinated with the ocean’s vastness and the solitude he finds in its presence, but it has even deeper significance, too. Brimer’s work is filled with luminous color and energy, while reflecting his thoughts about the ocean as a threshold between those living above its surface and the life teeming below, and about how the ocean supports and sustains life beyond itself. In sum, it’s a metaphor for his views about the penetrable boundary between the seen and unseen. Brimer’s work is available through his gallery, Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA where he is the Director.  More of his work can be seen at

The Central Coast Art Association meets 6:30-8 pm at the Monterey Youth Center, 777 Pearl St (next to Dennis the Menace Park), Monterey, the fourth Monday of each month (please check for holiday schedules). Attendance is free and open to the public.

Please note: NO meeting December 2017. Meetings will resume January 22, 2018.



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