Sarah Leonard

Art, in general, and creating art, have always been an important part of my life.  Before moving here in 2004 from the Bay Area, I enjoyed teaching for many years art appreciation and art history along with hands-on art projects for school children, including letterpress printing and the history of the printing press.  Large scale graphic designs for walls in many work places and private homes occupied much of my time as did most recently the design and creation of stained glass pieces.  


Since retiring from my stained glass phase, I took up painting about 6 years ago.  I have been inspired by workshops, fellow artists and painting classes to know that this is the creative path that I want to explore.  I  gravitate toward bright colors with strong contrasts,  Some of favorite subjects are of fresh fruits and veggies placed on a favorite plate or in one of my special bowls, as well as bouquets of flowers I gather from my garden, and portraits of our beloved pets and those of friends.


I have exhibited my work at the Sally Griffith Center, Monterey Museum of Art, and the Pacific Grove Art Center where I have sold paintings, and reproductions locally to businesses and private individuals.


When I choose what subject to paint next, I have to have a resounding “YES” to this question: Does the subject matter catch my eye and does it warm my heart?  Hopefully,   it will be a “yes” as well for the observers of all my works.

Sarah Leonard


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